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Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Freaking Monday? F.

Monday ALWAYS been blame for all of us being so darn BLUES.Kesian.Hari ISNIN itu tidak salah langsung. But our mentality & surroundings yang buat Si Isnin sangat berdosa.

 I think this is actually my 1st entry for 2013 yang i really feels like mencarut a bit haha.Funny.No, it's NOT.Serius tak? Serius Tak? LOL.Anyhoo peeps! how's your days so far? is 2013 treatin u good? Hope so.Mine? humm so-so lah but it was great so far.Alhamdulillah.

I know its a little  too late to sum about 2012 but ah what-the-heck lah kan? Well, My 2012 has been SUPER-DUPER CHAOTIC & Challenging indeed. I lost my beloved GrandMomma June last year.Yeup.It was uber devastating moment ever. Been bashing with lots of ups & DOWN with life,family,love,sickening do's & Don't throughout the year nearly making me insane actually. But again that is LIFE innit? and the best part is? i SURVIVED yo! Amin.

Oklah, my mind was wondering around today. Wasn't in the purely center to even warm up with tons of works.SEBAB? 1) Mondaylah (cliche aight?) 2) MASA itu sudah mai lah huhu = The Devil Mr.Appraisal Gah! Expect nothing.That is the best solution. Redha & bersyukur rezeki apa yang dapat gitu.BAiklah. *Saiko diri* 

Whatever u do people, LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN to this,

"You can NEVER progress if you are letting things that don't deserve your attention continue to bring you DOWN" 

Be Good & Have a nice day ahead.

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