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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Bring it on!

Syukur Alhamdulillah! He is finally here! My Dear 2010!!!

I had a VERY-EXTREMELY TOUGH year of 2009 &&& its really put my patient up to the test. But nevertheless 2009 does gave me one memorable joyfull year in my life :) all i can say is AMIN-SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH 2009 :)

NOW! 2010 is here baybeh and am soo lookin forward to it. Prayin that ALLAH will always guide me through my tough moment this year ahead & shower me with all the blessing & LOVE-ALWAYS. Hopefully-Hopefully-AMIN~ :)

So??? wutcha waitin for? 2010 juz bring-it-on-to me!!! yiihuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :P


once a babee forever a babee.

I would never wish bad things But I don't wish you well
ko memang taik!
F.U zillionz times hanjeng.

Simple as that :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Seven Deadly Sins of Dating!

am browsing Yahoo! juz now & found this cute lil' thang that i would like to share with u guys out there. hehe

So, ask urself-Are you sabotaging your chances at love without even knowing it?

Sometimes dating is pure joy. Basking in the thrill of meeting a potential Mr. Right can be exciting and energizing. But other times, dating is a chore. After so many people you should have clicked with someone by now, right? How come your relationships don't last or never even get started?

According to Josie Brown and Martin Brown, authors of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Finding Mr. Right" and co-editorial directors for the internationally syndicated column John Gray's Mars Venus Advice, you might be sabotaging your chances of finding love without knowing it. In their book, Brown and Brown outline seven ways you could be getting in the way of your own happiness. If you recognize yourself in the list below, consider doing a little soul searching so you can get out of your dating rut and back on the path to finding The One.

#1. Pride: You're too good for him.
If you were raised to be mommy and daddy's little princess, you can end up thinking that no one is good enough for you. Instead of assuming he isn't worth your time, look at people as friends before assessing their relationship potential. If he passes the friend test (he listens to you, is respectful of others, and is pleasant to be around), you'll already have gotten past you dismissing him because he's not attractive enough or doesn't make enough money.

#2. Sloth: You don't actively look for guys to date.
Brown and Brown think that a lack of self-confidence or shyness is keeping you from meeting men. To get past this, you need to change your attitude. "If you believe you deserve a happy relationship, you'll make it a goal -- one that takes precedence over any other activity that keeps you 'too busy' to look for love," they write.

#3. Wrath: You're holding onto anger about a past relationship.
Men are not all the same, and being burned in the past doesn't mean it will happen again in the future. You need to learn to trust again. Without trust you can't have a successful relationship. It might require therapy, but it's worth it. After all, this is the rest of your life we're talking about.

#4. Envy: You always assume there's someone better out there.
Why are you never satisfied with the relationships you've had? "Perhaps, deep down inside, you're afraid that you don't deserve your success," write Brown and Brown. Instead, focus on what is good about your life right now, including any men you might be dating.

#5. Lust: You seek intimacy without emotion.
Physical intimacy without any emotional connection makes it hard to realize that someone is right for you. If you've been indulging in having a "friend with benefits," Brown and Brown suggest that you "reconnect with your emotional center" so "you'll be in the right emotional state to recognize Mr. Right when you see him."
#6. Gluttony: You're too needy.
Your partner shouldn't need to prove his love. "Having him jump through hoops doesn't give you the proof you're looking for," they write. In fact, it'll probably drive him away. Instead, "give him a chance to woo you. And if there's some chemistry, don't be so quick to find fault."

#7. Greed: You love the money, not the man.
You can't have a successful relationship with a bank account. Plus, "if he treats you just like another possession, you may find yourself replaced by someone else." So what should you look for in a man? According to Brown and Brown, "his ability to love, trust, commit, respect, and live his life desiring you."

The bottom line is that it's easy to find a reason to break up with someone, and if you're stuck in a negative mindset, you'll do just that. According to Brown and Brown, "dating should be fun. It should be a personal growth experience. And most of all, it should teach you to discern which traits in a man make you happy." Amen to that.

source: Yahoo!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tahniah PUAN JUMI & EN. PAROK!!!!

Sorang lagi my Crazie- besties melabuhkan tirai bujangnye di hari org lain ber- Ho! Ho! Ho!
Hell yeah! Cik Jumi is NO-MORE 'CIK' OK.
Selepas bernikoh

En.Parok & Puan Juju yeay! :)

Da' gegels!

kakak suke! Muaxxx

amik berkat ni hahaha

Parok & Juju :P

ehehhehe TAHNIAH to both of u Juju & Parok! am so Happy for u all!!! Finally u guys made it! :D kakak sukeeeee. Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssss
Sayanggggggggggggggggg kamoooo!!! :)

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry X'Mas everyone! &&& yah its HOLIDAY!!! right??? BUT sadly, NO such thing as 'HOLIDAYS' for me tho huhuhu i HAVE-TO-WORK yeup! how nicela kannn- ~Sighs~ wuttodo? i guess i hv to do-what i hv to do lah. Works will NEVER end for me & again CUTI tu apaaa? kesian-sungguh-kesian. Now! Shut-up phyzha! get ur fat-ass to Work! urghh..dymn! Happy Ho? Ho
Ho? guys!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Her new baby & am lovin it!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Salam Maal Hijrah!

Selamat Tahun Baru Islam everyone!!!
Am prayin all the good things 4 me this c'min year.
-Amin- ;)

If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise Allah.
Difficult moments, seek Allah.
Quiet moments, worship Allah.
Painful moments, trust Allah.
Every moment, thank Allah.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

i need this!

I Want this BADLY!!!!
Plis? ;(

congrats! nobitchta!!!!

One of My Crazie+Besties+ Biyatchez = MARRIED!
Am Sooo HAPPY 4 her! She called me the nite after she 'Sah!' jadi PUAN NORBEE tellin me how thrill & excited she was 'Finally' being Mrs. Hamtaro & still checkin the guest list with me for the reception the next day??? aiyohh ini fengantinz mmg merengla.hehe

Yang lagi mereng is??? kami (me, sikim, yona & Udy) tersalah pi majelis kawen daa-silap Dewan! pi Dewan Felda yg satu lagi tu. Nasib baik aku prasan kaler tema wedding itu berwarne PinK! Nobita punye Winter-saleji-puteh uollss &&& thank God! mak bawak kad huhuhu. Haissshhh nasib tak salam2 & masuk salah dewan. hahahaaha ni semua penangan si Nobita ler inehhhh

Nway my dear Nobitchta, I wish u all the happiness inda world for both U & Am forever!
Me LOVE u much2! Muaxxx

Lokasi: Dewan Merak Kayangan Felda.KL
Tema: Winter Sonata

Selamat Pengantinz Baruuuuu!

Kami beku di pelamin saleji katenyeeehhh

Hamtaro + Sizuka + Nobita = SEWEL

Us - Da' Black Parade

Muax2 labiu-labiu-labiu

menjahanamkan majelis org mmg kehebatan kami hahaha

hehehhe sowie sayam!

P/s: Nobita done! Amin! one more to go...Ohh~~~ Jujuuuuuuu cant wait for your turn darlene this c'min X'Mas.Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Jingle all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hehehe

*Pix ehsan sikimz*

Saturday, December 12, 2009



  • 8 days of shooting trip to Thailand-drained me out ;S (29Nov-6Dec)
  • 1 day rest & am back to work! dymn...
  • Inda office different story i've to face
  • A lot of assignments & interview for I-Glam * New Fesyen Program for TV9* already queuing
  • Offline editing + STE advance + bla bla bla is still pending.Dymn
  • Working in weekends killin me! -Sighs~~
  • My Mommeh + Lil' Bro + Cousy + aunties @ Jakarta having fun! urgh! its NOT fair! :(
  • Had enuff of Chocolate already. Not helping.

  • My mind is not here, am stress- Tired - extremely exhausted - am totally NUMB. TQ.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Harini mai awal ke opiz :) dapat Good News! HAPPY sgt2!!! terus stress ilang kejap. memula tak caye? salah type kot? pi tanye kt Bozz beberapa kali siap naik atas HR lagi. ehehhe.
Am shocked! & speechless. Bersyukur sgt2! ALHAMDULILLAH! amin2... :D
Berbaloi jugak aku jadi org hampir sewel setiap hari hehehe

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

come to mommaaaaaaaaa!

Malam ni aku nak 'melapah' coklat Hershey's aku yg aku rembat 2-3 bungkus kt Duty Free airport Chiang Mai!
Lantaklah Gemok pon Gemoklah! Makk STRESSSSSSSSSS!

Owhhhh...am in Heavenlah!

My latest paberet songs!

la la la la la la

  • Offline Editing XPDC Chef?
  • Storyline?
  • Statement of Expenditure?
  • Interview I-Glam?
  • Shooting Bual I-Glam?
  • Skrip?
  • Offline lagi??
  • Special I-Glam Serina Kawen?
  • Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *Pengsan~*
mana satu na buat dulu niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii????

nak coklat pliz :-I ~SIGHS~

Monday, December 7, 2009


humm. 2day u say Hi! to me like always. Comenye 2day i was layan je. I Hi! back to u. Then slowly u make urself do what u did. WHY now? i wonder? Sumhow, Ur' Confessions does make me extremely SHOCKED! &&& suddenly make me a lil' sad tho :(

hummm-speechless i was, am totally helpless. Honestly, i dont need that NOW it should be years back before anything happens rite? Well, am glad u did put up all the courage to tell me that u are SORRY but i deeply thinks that its far too late already. am so cold already & i juz cant turn back time. NO- there is NO-WAY-AT-ALL.am so hurt already.

Tho ur confessions makes me sick but am glad u did. at-least i FINALLY know...TQ

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aduh! Sakit~

Harini badan aku sakit-sakit!!! semunye. SEBAB?
hahaha smlm pi join kelas aerobik kt roof-top opiz ni huhu
Every Tuesday & Thursday from 6pm-7pm kelasnye.
Takde pon niat nk kuruskan badan or wutever-ni semua sesaje je nk mengeluarkan peloh & menjadi munyet bertauliah japs melompat2 bersama2 kawan2 yg dah sediaada sewel.
So, aku, Sikim, lindut, emmy & shaz pon terjah laa.
ni semua sikim punye pasal ah! urgh... tak pasal2 lelemaks aku yg aku ternak selama ni terenjat semuanye semalam.
The aerobik was FUN tho! haha terjerit2 sane-terkinje-kinje sini, tapi yg paling penting aku & bebudak pulau aku tu bab gelakkan kakak2 yg lain tu la yg paling best! AHAHAHAHAHAA..
lawak siut.hehe
Haaa..penangannye? harini aku punye badan SAKIT semua OK. aduhhhhhhh~
Camana nk pi kelas hari khamis ni lagi? ayoooooooooooo

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That's IT-Lah! SHUT-UPPPPP!!!! urgh!

Seriously i CANT take it anymore. Hanj! Hanj! Hanj!

Kat sape aku mencarutz kali ni? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ni haa...lagu kumpulan Wali or wuteverlah kumpulan endon ni haa.
tajuk dia 'Jodoh' ker hape tah. ITS TOTTALY DISTURBINGGGGGGGG-Lahhh!!

Sebab apa aku benggang sgt ni?? kan? macamana aku tak benggang,
Lagu ni Mak aku dah memperdendangkan padaku 4 bulan lepas right after she got back from Indonesia for her working-trip to Sumatera a.k.a Kampuang den laa Minangkabau.

Dia dok pasang lagu ni again & again & again & againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bile dok lepak chit chta dgn aku kt umah. Urgh! !#%^&*~!!!*&*^%^- i know she's juz teasing me around but aku mmg tak leh blah ah dgn lagu ni &&& Dear Mommeh-Its NOT FUNNY :D

Pastu tak lama pastu tetibez plak lagu ni masok M'sia & hits laks! Pokemon tol ah. Dah semua tempat aku pi di hantui lagu bongok ni ( Ops! sorrylah kepada fans kumpulan ini yee. Mak tak leh bla dek non)

Pi sane-lagu ni, Pi sini lagu ni lagi. Pi Suarasa Kump. D'Putra dok layan lagu ni, Pi mana2lah! Astagaaaaaaaaaaaaa ni yg klimaks ni aku dah tak leh bla SEBAB! kat opiz ni haaaaaaaaaaaaaa ade plak mangkuk hayun mane lak dok berkaraoke kuat2 dgn lagu niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! berjuta-juta kali lak tuuuuuuuuuu! WOY! aku nak buat keje kot? kalau ko memekak pasang lagu metal ke keroncong ke M. Daud Berkilau ke aku leh tahan lagi. INI????
WAK LU!!!Pegila mati ko laku ke tak kan? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! SHUT-UP!

uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! STRESSSSSS!!! aku dah la stress bertambah2 stress dgr lagu bodo *Ops! again sorrylah kan, suke hati akulah nak kate apepon-aku yg dgr ko-suke akulah nk nilai-SO WHAT?



Lagu ni dah sah-sah sungguh PATHETIC OK???? Sangat memualkan, sapelah yg punye idea dok tulis lirik lagu yang sungguh 'kesian!!!' camni. Aku mmg tak leh nk tahan lagi ah. Kalau adelah sesape kt luar sane tu yg dok layan lagu ni sebagai lagu hakiki setiap hari dok merayu-rayu suh org kutip ko sebagai kekaseh coz ko tak laku , aku nasihatkan dengan segala hormatnye ko boleh pi terjun banggunan skang jugak COZ? ko lagi hina dari mentibang sungai mahupon ungke kat dalam utan tu taw tak? Haishhhh bodo-bodo-bodo.

Lagu yg buat aku terkinje-kinje!

L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce :P

Entering-THAT-zone! Yeay! ~Sighs!~



Rubbish stuff-plis stay away from me at the moment.TQ.

Patah Kaki!

Its MIFA! &&& yah Malaysian International Fashion Week baru je berakhir ahad lepas. huhu
Its was awesome! tho this is my 1st time attend International Fashion week am havin fun :D Ghee!
Dari pagi sampailah ke tgh malam-closing MIFA 2009 i was there with my team & my Gossip Gurlz Sikim & Farah terkinje-kinje di Pavilion. Seperti biasalah, menatap paera model memperagakan baju-baju designer membuatkan aku hangin & panas je coz SANTEK! OK &&& yg penting dorang semua kerempengz & melayang-layang je menghayunkan kaki tu.~Sighs~ JELES!

Baju kawen i :D

dah kurus cam model! yeay! erkk?LOL

All the new talented designers was so good indeed. kudos to all Malaysian Designers! i like a few of thier design tho. Sgt2 avant garde i should say? sempoi & OKlaaaa

Tapi sebenarnye kan bila tgk runway depan mata ni, ko yg sakit hati benornye.SEBAB?
  • Terliur-meleleh je air-liur tgk model-model jantan omputeh yg buat aku-Urghh!! *orgasme-pengsan!* LOL. but seriously! mantapz terbaekk OK

  • tak lupe juga MAKAN HATI BERULAM JANTUNG tgk body kerempeng model-model pompuan tu semua yg lolos je baju2 designer yg santek2 tu .CEMBURUNYEEEE

  • Gotta chance to meet all the TOP designers & important people in the Fashion industry also Chief2 Editors frm various Magazine.Cam biaselah sesi 'melacorkan' diri mencemar duli mengumpul contact & buat repo dgn depa so in future sonang senah nk keje. Gitukan?

  • Boleh COCI-mata yg penting sekali sesambil memancing mangse-mangse pelepas kebusanan di episode seterusnye? Wahh!? statement tak leh blah. haha

  • Dan yg kelakaunye dpt tgk gelagat sosialite / anak VVIP / Kerabatz2 bergaya sakan dek non. Gile babz bebaju mereka. Very the vogie-da-vazz! Ko ade? hadooooo

Lama tak jumpe. Dia rindu kat i LOL :P

Bekas Image Consultant, PR & Pereka Fesyen i.LOL :P
Sofea Bee - Bill Bora - Amir Lokman :D

Peminat i.hehehe

Haaaaa....yg ni paling penting & akan menjadi sejarah dalam kehidupan aku forever! setelah 13jam memakai hills-velvel-merahku yg santek mantop lagi bergaye di MIFA itu ye kawan-kawan. kaki aku rasa mcm dah PATAH! SAKITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! ya-ya-ya 'Beauty is fuken pain' kunun? beauty keh? Wahahahhaa. sakit kaki aku bodo. dah terkinje-kinje jalan dalam pakse. Cam hareee je. Last sekali ko taw ape aku buat???

Tadaaaa-Now biar aku plak buat catwalk pesyen berkaki-hayam di Pavilion.
Ko ade? hadoooo

Kasuh Oh! Kasut
Kasut yg telah berjaye menncacatkan kaki aku pada hari kejadian! urgh~
Wuteva it is. MIFA 2009 Rawk! Me likey-likey-walaupon kaki aku menjadi mangse. hihi

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shuhh! Shuhhh!

It's All Coming Back To Me Now lyrics

There were nights when the wind was so cold
That my body froze in bed
If I just listened to it
Right outside the window

There were days when the sun was so cruel
That all the tears turned to dust
And I just knew my eyes were
Drying up forever

I finished crying in the instant that you left
And I can't remember where or when or how
And I banished every memory you and I had ever made

But when you touch me like this
And you hold me like that
I just have to admit
That it's all coming back to me
When I touch you like this
And I hold you like that
It's so hard to believe but
It's all coming back to me
(It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now)

There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things I'd never do again
But then they'd always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than any laws allow
Baby Baby

If I kiss you like this
And if you whisper like that
It was lost long ago
But it's all coming back to me
If you want me like this
And if you need me like that
It was dead long ago
But it's all coming back to me
It's so hard to resist
And it's all coming back to me
I can barely recall
But it's all coming back to me now
But it's all coming back

There were those empty threats and hollow lies
And whenever you tried to hurt me
I just hurt you even worse
And so much deeper

There were hours that just went on for days
When alone at last we'd count up all the chances
That were lost to us forever

But you were history with the slamming of the door
And I made myself so strong again somehow
And I never wasted any of my time on you since then

But if I touch you like this
And if you kiss me like that
It was so long ago
But it's all coming back to me
If you touch me like this
And if I kiss you like that
It was gone with the wind
But it's all coming back to me
(It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now)

There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things we'd never do again
But then they'd always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than all your laws allow
Baby, Baby, Baby

When you touch me like this
And when you hold me like that
It was gone with the wind
But it's all coming back to me
When you see me like this
And when I see you like that
Then we see what we want to see
All coming back to me
The flesh and the fantasies
All coming back to me
I can barely recall
But it's all coming back to me now

If you forgive me all this
If I forgive you all that
We forgive and forget
And it's all coming back to me
When you see me like this
And when I see you like that
We see just what we want to see
All coming back to me
The flesh and the fantasies
All coming back to me
I can barely recall but it's all coming back to me now

(It's all coming back to me now)
And when you kiss me like this
(It's all coming back to me now)
And when I touch you like that
(It's all coming back to me now)
If you do it like this
(It's all coming back to me now)
And if we, , ,

Thursday, November 5, 2009

S.A.B.A.R :)

My Beloved BFF Ajueya gave me this lovely word-of-wisdom @ FB & i would like to share this with u guys! TQ Jueya I LOVE U SO MUCH! :D

IMAM Al-Syafie banyak memberi pedoman dalam memilih kawan. Beliau juga mengakui sukar mencari sahabat sejati yang mahu berkongsi suka duka bersama. Ketika menilai sahabat sejati pada waktu susah, katanya:

"Kawan yang tidak dapat dimanfaatkan ketika susah lebih mendekati musuh daripada sebagai kawan. Tidak ada yang abadi dan tidak ada kawan yang sejati kecuali yang menolong ketika susah. Sepanjang hidup aku berjuang bersungguh-sungguh mencari sahabat sejati hingga pencarianku melenakanku. Kukunjungi seribu negara, namun tidak satu negara pun yang penduduknya berhati manusia. Imam Al-Syafie turut meminta kita berhati-hati memilih sahabat kerana sahabat yang baik akan membawa ke arah kebaikan dan begitu sebaliknya.

Katanya: "Jika seseorang tidak dapat menjaga nama baiknya kecuali dalam keadaan terpaksa, tinggalkanlah dia dan jangan bersikap belas kasihan kepadanya. Banyak orang lain yang dapat menjadi penggantinya. Berpisah dengannya bererti istirehat. Dalam hati masih ada kesabaran buat kekasih, meskipun memerlukan daya usaha yang keras.

Tidak semua orang yang engkau cintai, mencintaimu dan sikap ramahmu kadangkala dibalas dengan sikap tidak sopan. Jika cinta suci tidak datang daripada tabiatnya, tidak ada gunanya cinta yang dibuat-buat. Tidak baik bersahabat dengan pengkhianat kerana dia akan mencampakkan cinta setelah dicintai. Dia akan memungkiri jalinan cinta yang terbentuk dan akan menampakkan hal yang dulunya menjadi rahsia. Seseorang itu juga dapat menundukkan musuhnya dengan menunjukkan rasa persahabatan."

Imam Al-Syafie dalam hal ini berkata: "Ketika aku menjadi pemaaf dan tidak mempunyai rasa dengki, hatiku lega, jiwaku bebas daripada bara permusuhan. Ketika musuhku berada di hadapanku, aku sentiasa menghormatinya. Semua itu kulakukan agar aku dapat menjaga diriku daripada kejahatan. Aku nampakkan keramahan, kesopanan dan rasa persahabatanku kepada orang yang kubenci, seperti aku nampakkan hal itu kepada orang yang kucintai."

*owhhh! TQ syg! SETUJU! besar maknenye tu. TAPI HAKIKATNYE, MENAHAN MARAH ITU SGT-SGT-SGT! "SAKIT!" aku aminkan aje ~ LUV U! :D *

Monday, November 2, 2009

Revenge is mine- Amin! :)

*Sighs*-controlling myself NOT to curse in my entry this time around-

-here we go!-

Mood :Unpredictable-pissed-anger-!*&!@!&@$!^$@^!^ = ALL in one.

Why? :The DISGUSTING thang i threw away years back-MUNCUL kembali. WTF? & the worst part is-on my freakin birthday! WHY? urgh-u're NOT the present i want for my birthday.Oh! GOD!

History : The 'thang' disappeared juz like that 2 years back on Valentines Eve's without saying Sorry & Goodbye. No Fight-No-Shits- No drama. We were juz fine back then-SO IN LOVE i may say.*wek! nak muntahla plak* Out of suddent he ripped me off juz like that & Kantoi with a new gf. How Sweet & Nice of u part 1 :) - very well then.

The 'thang' hurts-me-badly inside-out. Took all of my courage to fights all the pain ALONE is the hardest things i ever faced in my life. I was so devastated- tears is my best friend :)

Thank U ALLAH i was being showered with LOVE & SUPPORT frm all my Family & Friends during that hard moment in my life. BIG THANK to my beloved Mommy for always there for me, that ALWAYS TRYIN her best to cheer me up when i was so down & also to u 'guys!' u know who u r syg!

So! i've move-on- heal my broken heart by making myself the BZiest lady on earth like there's no more tomorrow. Recovering proses isn't easy baybeh. Slowly i put back my pieces of broken heart back in place & i did succeed bring back 'ME!' into mylife! Yezz! Alhamdulillah :) i couldn't be more happier knowing that i am better off without YOU. Well, 2 years passed juz like that & am the all-new-strong-happy-crazie lady now. I've got lotsa my lovely frenzie that always behind my back whenever things go wrong-My Besties! My Gossip Gurlz! My NCTianz Biyatchez! My LOve Ones! u rawk my life! Meet new people that color my journey with joy-am so glad :) TQ SO MUCH :D - i felt so much better & no more crying lilte girl in me. I am doin juz fine UNTIL!

What? : 3 weeks back The 'thang' keep on buzzing me thru my cell-phone. Already know it was the ' thang' * why do i keep on calling him 'the thang?' becoz he doesn't deserve to be called human or animal at all-so i think 'the thang' would be juz ok for him. rite? wtr-* So! i was so annoyed & pissed & all the anger i threw away years ago suddenly come back in me with no reasons? dymn i hate to be in this situation again-i hate this feeling.urgh. Ok, very well than, i ignored all the sickening missed call-He trace me in FB plak thru my frend? Goshh-wutta heck that u want WHY? i mean WHY after two blady years?

At 1st, i was SO-DYMN-MAD! Yes i am. I dunno HOW-WHERE to put my feelings to, i dunno how to express my anger that i've kept away frm me years ago? Nak marah-dah basi? Nak maki-tak taw nak maki cara terhebat? urghh! it was a tottaly-RIMAS! So, after so much thinking & adviced frm my Mommy & Besties- i choosed to be professional lady here. i lettin 'the thing' 1% back into mylife in professional way tho i HATE to do that. Seriously, holds back myself for NOT being so EMO & CURSING agains him is SO HARDDDDDDDD to do. Coz being the real me i am SO NOT an Angelic kinda lady when it comes to this kinda issue. Tahan MARAH + BENCI mmg amat SAKIT my frend but i am so proud of myself that i actually acting cool & ignorance is truly Bliss.

Oh, yah didn't i told ya that 'the thing' is da' freakin shameless-ungrateful-brainless-idiotz-ever? Oh & the worst part is- he dont even want to say SORRY in a proper way to me & my famly. That is SO SWEETTT of u part 2 :). Its okaaa- it doesn't bite me anymore. i am truly HEARTLESS to u anyway. Furthermore u're not that important in my life either. So why bother aight? :)

What NOW? :
  • *Sighs* S.A.B.A.R is always be my bestfriend :) so i'll continue berSABAR.

  • TQ SO MUCH for the PAIN u gave me. if not becoz of that i will still be the silly me :)
  • Keep on ignoring all his nonsense & such on my wall / on my phone / in my inbox / bla la la
  • Be professional indeed :)
  • SMILE with pride :D
  • Tone down my Anger & Emo (Oh, plis-plis-plis go away. My blood pressure high enuff for me)
  • I am the HEARTLESS & SELFISH person @ the moment. Dun know-Dun care. Pegila mati ko. All i know now is, am enjoyin my precious life with lotsa fun here & there & u're juz a JIJIK lalatz yg dtg tak diundang. Ouch! thats a lil' harsh over there. So WHAT?
  • ALHAMDULILLAH X 10000000000000000000000000 timessssssss
  • AMINNNNNNNNNN X 1000000000000000000000000 timessssssss
  • I never knew KARMA taste like Chocolate! its yummy & i like it :D


I would never wish bad things-But I don't wish you well

Does it hurt?

To know I'll never be there?

Bet it sucks To see my face everywhere

It was you

Who choose to end it like you did

I was the last to know

Adios bebeh!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

111 :)


Syukur Alhamdulillah! another year ahead! &&& am so looking forward wut future gotta offer me. No matter how stinky & ugly it might be-Juz Bring it on baybeh!

TQ to all da' birthday wishes & preziezzzz :D Muax2!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

aku malaz nk layan...

  • Org minyak naik minyak!-uishh tak leh blah.
  • Org gile talak - ah, ko lagi tak leh blah!
  • Org tua nk monopos-tak x sedar diri.
    cobelah bawak2 sedau diri tu dah tua-jgn nk tryin so hard nak jadi remaja bole tak?-Astagaa. kan? tgkkkkkkkk i dah TER-kureng ajaQ. So?

    malaz nk layan org yg perasan bagus

    malaz nk layan amarah aku yg tak abis-abis gile meroyan ni

malaz nk amik port hal2 remeh temeh

pegila mati semua.

so korang semua dgn segala hormatnye dipersilekan ->>> BLAH.TQ.

Friday, October 16, 2009


The Instructions:

This is Picture Tagging-Pls answer all the questions below with a Pictures attached and do it with minimal words of explanation. Tag 5 other people to do the same once you’ve finished answering every question.

1)The age you'll be on your next birthday

It's the 27th*Shaitz!* this comin 1st Nov people! -promo skit- hehe

2) A place you'd like to travel to

Hollywood baybeh!


Very Romantis gitu~

3) Your favourite place

Island... :) -Anywhere will do- asalkan Pulau.

4) Your favourite food

Mom's Cooking-lah! terbaekkkkk

SUSHI! Slurrpppp-Esply Salmon sashimi

Aku dalam perut lagi dah makan bende ni. All time paberet!

Chilis my fav. gossip place. Bole Top-up air &Chips sampai cacat!

Anything that taste good and delicious! Mak telan je.

5) Your favourite pet

Cello si sengal

Madan si gemok

Mei-Mei si pendatang haram

6) Your favourite colour

RED is ME :)

BLACK-is always the other side of me :)

7) Your favourite piece of clothing

T-Shirt & Jeans-Simple sudah.kan?
Any nice clothes will do~~

8) 3 of your all time favourite song

Kau Ilhamku by Man Bai :)

When U say Notting at all by Roanan Keating

Seiring Sejalan by Broery Marantika & Sharifah Aini
9) 3 of your favourite TV show




10) Town you live in


11) A bad habit you have

Ni Hobi aku sepanjang zaman-huhu

My morning is at 11am or 12noon :)

12) Your worst fear

Death? :(

The End of the world?-KIAMAT! Takottttttttt

13) The one thing you'd like to do before you die

To lead a happy, enjoyable, fun, exciting...

and full of LOVE... life...

penat betol aku buat Tag nih! huh.
Now-mangse2 seterusnye adalahhhhh