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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I’ve met a man and fallen in love with him.
I allowed myself to fall in love for one simple reason: I’m not expecting anything to come of it.

I know that, in three months’ time, I’ll be far away and he’ll be just a memory, but I couldn’t stand living without love any longer; I had reached my limit…

Generally speaking, these meetings occur when we reach a limit, when we need to die and be reborn emotionally. These meeting are waiting for us, but more often than not, we avoid them happening. If we are desperate, though, if we have nothing to lose, or if we are full of enthusiasm for life, then the unknown reveals itself, and our universe changes directions.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Bila takde CARI.
Bila TAK NAK datang pulak.
Bila dah ada, RAMAI plak yang menyusur menyebok.
Bila tengah BUSAN sekor pon tak nampak.
Bila dah syok melayan dan dilayan TETIBA buat emergency break! babee.
Bila dah cam OK je KOMPOM penyakit TAKOT & MALU sure melekat kat sekor-sekor.Pffff
Bila nak serius, SURE takde yang take it seriously.Cam taik.
Bila duk DIAM kang dtglah balik SEMUA.
Bila NAK betol-betol sekor-sekor main tarik tali plak.
SO, Bila AKU pulak dah FEDUP- ai kate -PEGI-LA-MATI-SEMUA.
Sekian dan selamat beramal-lah SGT.

overall-semua cam HARAM J.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


"PC-I’m in my fourth marriage. I’ve been married with three people that I really loved and I’m sure they loved me, but somehow our marriage didn’t work out together, so they left, I left, and now everybody is happy. Then I met Christina and we’ve been together for 30 years."

Sometimes it takes a lot of risks, because we’re in LOVE with someone, we’re not happy and we know that there is someone out there who is connected to us but we don’t take the RISKS. Sometimes we are with our soulmates but we don’t "recognize."


I like to believe that a soulmate is someone that you have a deep connection with on every level. It can be between a male to male, male to female or female to female. No barriers to age, sex, gender, race or relations. BUT, personally to me, I believe that there is such a soul-mate for all human-beings. A significant other that when together is in Totality. Wholesome. Indestructible. Ying and Yang. One soul-mate for each of us. It is with someone who you are deeply connected with; spiritually, mentally and physically. An important elemental triad. There is no doubts in your ‘being’ together as one or when you are separated momentarily as individuals. You both know in that instance you are the “other half”. I think in that present moment of ‘knowing’ and bonding you realise you both have found each other. Am I right or wrong, I wouldn’t be certain.. all I know is that you will know. And ONLY YOU will know.***


i do BELIEVE in SOULMATE. Yes, i do.


Ok, Saye nank buat pengumunan bahawasanye saye Nor Fariza Kamarulzaman nak KAWEN tahun ni. SERIUS. SERIUS la weyyyyy. Tapi tulah. SEMUAnya ade penyakit ni iaitu- "LEMBAB"

Sekian Terima Kasehlah ye.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The Fish welcome us with LOVE! Subahanallah :)

Uweeeee! Syukur Alhamdulillah tercapai jugak impian aku nak berendam di PULAU REDANG! uhuuuuuuu! BEST gile BEST! BEST! BEST!

This is my 1st time in Redang & the 1st time road trip with my gegelz & my 1st time jugak drove all the way to Terengganu yo! hehe Super-HAPPY :D

Syukur semuanye berjalan lanchor.Amin * walaupon ade 2-3 diganggu 'bende2' yg kebetulan lalu-lalang di Karak + Cherating :) samapi Emmy & Shyq menagislah ternampak 'Pakcik x de muke?' humm scary. Naseb aku bau wangi je,but STILL nerves la kot! pfff tak suke.tak suke.

but again tulah pengalaman rite? so, buat dunno sudeh.

OMGeez! Redang adalah SUPERB santek okeh! * PENGSAN 8 juta kali!* i've been to various Island before *Manukan/Sapi/Mamutik/Pangkor/Langkawi/Mauritius/Great Barrier Reef* but never ever cross my mind that Redang wud be this cantek. hai sumpah ter-angau2 disane. Syukur padaNYA coz melancarkan perjalanan kami kesana & beri peluang melihat semua kecantikkan alam ciptaan-NYA diatas & didasar lautan. Sgt2 mengagumkanlah.

So! here some pixcaz i wanna share with u guys! and of coz, Redangku Sayang, i'll BE BACK!!! :D

Blue Spotted Ray :)

X'Mas Coral.

Rare Starfish huh? but canteklah.

Hai! Mr. Belutz :P

Sea Fan yg memukau.

Spot da' not? ;p

will be back!

Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm tired of feeling bad.

I'd rather feel nothing.

It's better, it's easier.